Chuq's Home Page.

"Someday" has arrived! Hopefully this will be slightly more interesting than the previous "lotsa-links" version of my page.

Originally from Pickerington, Ohio, Chuq now lives in the heart of Silicon Valley, in sunny Sunnyvale, California, where he enjoys weather much nicer than he ever knew before. (OK, I've moved to Cupertino since then, but "sunny Sunnyvale" sounds better and Cupertino doesn't have a web site.)

I have a cat. His name is Spaz. He's a lot of fun. That's him up in the upper right corner... he's a lot bigger now, though.

In addition to working, I also occasionally have fun. I do a lot of geeky stuff. I enjoy riding my mountain bike. I hang out with my friends.

I have a bunch o' links left over from my previous page that don't fit anywhere, so I'll just stick them in awkwardly.

Well, that's all I can think to put here for now. Maybe I'll think of more later. Send me an email if you have any suggestions.


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